What is Patreon?

Patreon is a form of direct energy exchange! Patreon is an online platform where you can directly support artists and in exchange, you receive exclusive benefits. Inclusivity is essential and everyone's experience is important. BE QUIET NOW distributes full-length songs across all music streaming platforms so that as many people as possible can have access to these gifts and offerings.


BE QUIET NOW is creating energy healing meditation music for those interested in tuning into the deep subconscious. Using traditional and modern energy healing tools and frequencies, prepare to be entranced and journey into deep introspection and self-discovery...

Sneak Peek of Self Guided Meditation with ULTRA Issue No. 4

BE QUIET NOW is offering a sneak peek of a long-playing meditation with ULTRA in issue no. 4. Physical and digital copies of the magazine can be purchased on the website as well as bi-monthly subscriptions. When is the last time you meditated?

BE QUIET NOW Debuts Lilac Session with ULTRA

BE QUIET NOW debuts with a lilac infused video, incorporating crystal singing bowl frequencies and chimes into the homes of many. The elusive session is premiered in issue no.1 of Tkaronto scene zine, ULTRA. Physical copies of the magazine are sold out however digital copies can still be purchased, with proceeds of the issue going to BLAC (blacklegalactioncentre.ca).